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Q & A with Fitness Influencer and Restaurateur, Brian Mazza

Q & A with Fitness Influencer and Restaurateur, Brian Mazza

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Meet Brian Mazza, the New York based influencer and restauranteur, who is obsessed with fitness, and always pushing himself past his limits, to accomplish his goals. Brian, who describes himself as obsessed with fitness, has teamed up with the 1 Hotel in South Beach, to offer a three-day complimentary health and wellness retreat, as part of his Be Obsessed with Improvement Tour.

The BMAZZFIT X 1 HOTEL SOUTH BEACH retreat kicks off on Friday with a cocktail /mocktail reception at The Rooftop at 1 Hotel South Beach, where participants can meet the team and gain a glimpse of the coming weekend.

My 5 Question Interview with Brian Mazza

Who is Brian Mazza? Where are you from, and how did you get here (your business / career journey)?

I am the President and co-creator of the national brand the Ainsworth. I started as a bottle runner at a night club called Dune in Southampton. I worked every position in the hospitality industry, which eventually lead me to create the Ainsworth with my partner Matt Shendell. 

Do you have any tips of success for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Not every day is going to be the same, easy, fun, or enjoyable, but it’s going to be so worth it. 

What gets you out of bed every morning / what motivates you?

My wife and my son Leo! I also have a duty to myself to give 110 percent every single day. 

What’s your routine and when do you feel it’s the best time to work out?

I am up at 430/5 every morning. I used to train first thing, but times have changed since Leo was born, so now I get after it at 9/10 am. There is no bad time to train, it’s only bad when you do not. 

Tell us about your Health & Wellness Weekend Retreat at 1 Hotel, and what attendees can expect from the 3-day complimentary fitness retreat?

I couldn’t be more excited to be here in Miami with such a strong brand. Partnering with 1 Hotel has been nothing but inspiring for me. Now that I have a platform to bring positivity through fitness, I created the Be Obsessed with Improvement tour. It’s a weekend that you will for sure come out with new friends, positive experiences, and the ability to get a very good sweat on. We have some amazing trainers coming from Miami, and Tone House from New York City. My initiative was to make sure people do not need a vacation from a vacation, and you will come out a better version of yourself.


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