Valentines Day Gift Ideas for a Night In

Valentine’s Day is in two days! What are your plans? Will you be doing celebrating Galentine’s Day? This year, whether you are celebrating with your girlfriends or guy, I have some amazing gift ideas for a relaxing night in! It may be a very commercialized holiday, but sometimes it’s good to have a reason to take a moment to treat yourself. It’s hard to pass up when treating yourself includes chocolate, popcorn, candles, lingerie, and cocktails / beer.

Gift Idea#1: Chocolate

First gift idea is my number one weakness – chocolate! And not just regular chocolate – chocolate covered strawberries, Belgium covered chocolate pops, strawberries, with heart-shaped pineapple slices, and grapes. When I saw this Be Mine Bouquet, from Edible Arrangements, I thought,”Wow! This is truly a beautiful and unique Valentine’s Day gift idea!”

If you saw my post on Instagram, then you know that I really love the idea of giving this type of bouquet over regular flower bouquets. Not saying, flowers aren’t nice, they are, but instead of the inevitable premature death of flowers, not only is this bouquet gorgeous, it is delicious, locally made, and you are able to experience a variety of tasty treats.

Gift Idea #2: Setting the mood with candles

What other way to set the mood for a relaxing night in, than with candles. This Chesapeake Bay candle is appropriately named: Love + Passion, and makes it the perfect Valentine’s Day Candle. This Love + Passion candle has citrus-fruity scent of grapefruit mango, and is truly an amazing scent.

Just in case you’re curious, this candle is from Chesapeake’s Mind and Body collection, it was designed and poured in the United States, it is made with a soy blend wax, so it has a clean burn, and it is enhanced with essential oils. So, it serves as both a romantic, and wellness candle, and smells amazing sultry scent!

Gift Idea #3: Popcorn

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to sit back, relax, turn on my favorite show and munch on popcorn. There’s just something satisfying about that crunch factor. What I enjoyed about this kettlecorn from Popcorn Indiana is you get the best of both worlds – sweet and salty. Bonus: not only is this kettlecorn from Popcorn Indiana delicious, it is also gluten free, non-GMO, certified Kosher, and has zero grams of trans fat. Score! Your girlfriends will thank you when you have them over for your Galentine’s celebration. You’re welcome.

Gift Idea # 4: Lingerie

You may not be hanging out with your girlfriends in lingerie for Galentine’s Day, but this is a great gift just to celebrate – YOU, or for a sexy night in with your significant other. I love this gorgeous and flattering lace bra and boyshort from Maidenform. The coral punch is a fun color, and the luxe lace is a nice touch.

Gift Idea #5: Drinks

A night in would not be complete without drinks! I was not always a lover of beer, but I’ve definitely come around, and I’m always up for a refreshing craft beer. This Blackberry Shandy from Lucky Traveler is an American craft wheat ale and is brewed using real blackberries! I loved that this beer was refreshing and I enjoyed the infusion of blackberry flavor.

These are some gift ideas for Valentine’s or Galentine’s day. Or you’re in the mood to just have a self love night in, you can easily light a candle, lounge around in your lingerie, munch on your chocolate, or kettlecorn, and wash it down with fruit flavored beer. Sounds like the perfect night in! Do you agree?


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