Coffee Date at Pasion del Cielo, Coral Gables

If you’re a coffee lover looking for a cool, unique coffee shop in Miami, keep reading! But first, I have a confession… I’ve never been a fan of the coffee date. It’s not because they tend to be cheap and impersonal. It’s more because the atmosphere usually feels sterile, and not very intimate. There’s usually students preparing for an exam, patrons shouting out their order, and for these reasons, I’ve never felt that it’s the way to start a potential romance. If we are going to do simple, I would jump quicker to the idea of a walk in the park, beach, or, an ice cream date.



However, when my date suggested Pasion del Cielo, I looked it up online, and was impressed by the uniqueness of this coffee shop. Before, I tell you what I enjoyed about Pasion del Cielo, let’s take a look at what I wore for my coffee date:



Sporting my Join Me in Miami T-shirt and Converse – Chuck Taylor Canvas High-Top Sneakers Join_Me_in_Miami_T-shirt


Converse – Chuck Taylor Canvas High-Top Sneakers

Let’s take a look inside Pasion del Cielo:






This is the main fetaures that drew me to Pasion del Cielo. I love that you can choose which ground coffee beans to use in your selected coffee beverage. Depending on your taste buds that day (or in general), you can choose coffee beans from Guatemala, Colombia, Hawaii, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Kenya, Ethiopia and Indonesia (Sumatra and Java). Another unique feature is that they have the coffee beans labeled according to level of aroma, flavor, body, and acidity.




Pasion del Cielo also caters to the tea lovers (like myself). There’s a wide selection organic teas to choose from such as organic peppermint tea, organic chamomile tea, alpine berry herbal tea, to name a few.Pasion_Del_Cielo_Miami_Coffee_Shop_java_latteMy Java Latte was made with love 😉Pasion_Del_Cielo_Miami_Coffee_Shop_9Pasion_Del_Cielo_Miami_Coffee_Shop_bag_2Pasion_Del_Cielo_Miami_Coffee_Shop_Inside_1

Final verdict: My visit to Pasion del Cielo was enjoyable. It was a very chill, relaxed atmosphere, my latte was delicious, and after a cup of coffee and good conversation, my date and I went Morton’s for dinner, then enjoyed glasses of wine at Angelique Euro Cafe.

So what about you? Have you ever been to Pasion del Cielo? What are your thoughts on coffee dates?

Photography: Julio Benetiz

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