Chocolate Coquito Recipe

Tis’ the season to be jolly!

You’ll definitely be feeling very merry after a few shots of coquito. Coquito is a delicious traditional holiday cocktail that originates from Puerto Rico. Think of it as the Puerto Rican version of egg nog. Most coquito recipes use eggs, some do not.

Today, I’m going to share with you my twist on coquito, by adding one of my favorite foods – CHOCOLATE!! This is an eggless chocolate coquito recipe, and is the easiest chocolate coquito recipe you’ll find!

My chocolate coquito recipe is sweet, rich, with a kick of rum. Get ready to be addicted!

For those of you who are purists, and do not like / want chocolate in your coquito, do the same recipe, but without the cocoa powder.

To make Chocolate Coquito, you will need:



7 tablespoons of 100% unsweetened cocoa powder

2 cans 15 oz sweetened cream of coconut

1 can 12 0z evaporated milk

1 can 14 oz sweetened condensed milk

1 tablespoon of nutmeg

1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder

1 1/4 cup of white rum

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Equipment used: Professional Blender (super amazing blender!), Measuring Spoons and Cups, Clear shot glasses, Clear glass bottle, Chalk

Here comes the easy part: All you need to do is combine all the above ingredients in an above average sized blender (my blender is 72 oz).


I love this cream of coconut





Once you’ve combined all the ingredients in a blender, blend on HIGH till it becomes a smooth consistency.Chocolate_Coqutio_Recipe_Puerto_Rican_Egg_Nog_blender

Once you start blending, your mixture will have a brown, chocolate color:


Pour your mixture into a clear glass bottle. To add an extra touch, I used chalk to write chocolate coquito.


Chocolate_Coqutio_Recipe_Puerto_Rican_Egg_Nog_pouring_coquito Chocolate_Coqutio_Recipe_Puerto_Rican_Egg_Nog_pouring_done

IMPORTANT: Make sure to let your chocolate coquito chill for at least two hours. Once it has chilled for at least two hours, it will have a thick texture, and will be super delicious. I promise, it is worth the wait!

Two hours have passed, you are now ready to enjoy your chocolate coquito! Pour baby, pour! I recommend serving in clear shot glasses:


Coquito is a perfect Christmas gift or a great addition to your upcoming holiday party.






Have you ever had coquito? What are your favorite holiday drinks?

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