Downtown Miami Restaurant: Elia Gourmet

Hi! It's a brand new week, and I am happy to share a new restaurant to add to your list. Elia Gourmet is a casual cafe and restaurant located in Downtown Miami and offers fresh, made-from-scratch Mediterranean food.  Elia Gourmet prides itself in only serving fresh ingredients that are delivered daily. As a result, they  do not have a microwave, or freeze[...]

Night Out at Employees Only, Miami Beach

I've just discovered a new cocktail bar in Miami Beach, and I'm here to report back my findings. The popular Employees Only that originated in NYC is now in Miami Beach! What's great about Employees Only is the location. It is located away from the hustle and bustle of Ocean Drive, and nestled on Washington more[...]

Jamaica Kitchen Restaurant, Miami

My Mom is Jamaican, so I grew up eating Jamaican food. Curry Goat, curry chicken, rice and peas, Jamaican get the picture. Miami is full of diverse restaurants from many cultures. Yet, it is not every ethnic restaurant that serves up authentic food. I'm always on the hunt for authentic Jamaican restaurants, so when I found Jamaica Kitchen in Ke[...]

Chocolate Coquito Recipe

Tis' the season to be jolly! You'll definitely be feeling very merry after a few shots of coquito. Coquito is a delicious traditional holiday cocktail that originates from Puerto Rico. Think of it as the Puerto Rican version of egg nog. Most coquito recipes use eggs, some do more[...]

Italian Dinner Date at Pane e Vino, Miami Beach

Years ago, I had a first date with a tall, charming, handsome guy, Mr. K. He's in his late thirties, and reminds me of a Richard Gere. Neither of us is sure why we did not move forward with a second date years ago, but we were happy to reconnect. We both enjoy exploring restaurants.  So, for our fourth date, we visited the unique, Miami Beach Italian res[...]

Dinner at Kona Grill, Miami

I had an absolutely amazing dinner at Kona Grill and can't wait to share it with you! I apologize in advance for multiple photos of the same dish, the food was just so beautiful to photograph, and even more delicious! I was invited in for a tasting and excited to try their Picasso Roll (photos later). My friend, Steven happily joined me for this food adventu[...]

July 4th Parfait Recipe

Happy July 4th! After you've devoured your BBQ Burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, and the like, why not cool down with this yummy, and easy July 4th more

Sisters Who Brunch, LIQUE Miami

My sister, Flavia was visiting from Barbados. We're both brunch lovers, so naturally, within a few hours of her landing, we dashed to check out a new brunch spot (and one of my new favorite places) - Lique Miami more